Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures, Including An Adorable Cat Picture!

It was BEAUTIFUL this weekend! As I write this at 4pm on Sunday, I'm making plans to get out on my powered skateboard and ride for awhile. I've been inside working on the show since 10am, then went out to post "Front Line Hero" signs in yards on the west side of town. Now, time to get out there! I hope you got out there too this weekend!

Let's get started!

I rode the motorcycle down to Carver on Friday afternoon and was walking along the main street and I saw this leaning up against a building. It was unexpected and made me smile.

Saturday morning was too nice to sit inside so I brought my ukulele out on the back deck to play. Thanks to my neighbors for not complaining! BTW, you can sign up to win my Daily Ukulele from Groth music right here.

Saturday Carson and I went out to Halla Greens to hit some golf balls. It was busy and every bay was taken except these two. Everyone was being good about social distancing and I'm glad to see golf courses open again.

Roger is just oblivious to the world. Lucky guy. The most important thing to him on Sunday morning was finding a sunny spot to lie in .

I was putting signs out on Sunday afternoon when I met this guy. He just walked up and watched me. No barking, no tail wagging, just plain old "What are you doing in my yard?"

I hope you had a good weekend, or as good as possible under the circumstances. It's easy to forget sometimes how serious a crisis we are experiencing, but I believe it's also very important that we do forget it now and then.

And we'll help you with that all this week on our show. Thanks for listening and as always, thanks for looking at my blog.


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