Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Birthday Parade and "612 Beer"

While I haven’t lost it - completely. I've decided that week six of staying at home is the week where I think I officially lost it! I fell down the stairs and injured my toe, sure, it’s not broke but sitting with my foot up with ice had me thinking that I’m over this. The ice worked well on my toe but the thing that really did the trick was 612 Beer. I bought some at the liquor store on Friday because I saw it on their site when I was ordering online and I'm happy I did.

After falling on Friday, I went to Rice lake in Maple Grove with Olivia and we did a Moment of Zen. Here’s Olivia on one of the foot bridges. If you want to watch the Moment of Zen video I did with Olivia you can still see it on the Dave Ryan Show Facebook fan page.

he weather was obviously incredible and be of the highlights has to be the birthday parade we did for one of our friends.Tessa turned ten and the parade of cars was a spectacle! Her teacher was in the parade, someone had fireworks they were shooting off as we passed, it was a TON of fun!

Last but not least, we recently got Disney + and I watched Swiss Family Robinson for the first time since I was a little kid. The movie is still good and I walked away with two major takeaways.

a. Francis was the original Joe Exotic

b. Swiss Family Robisnon paved the way for Home Alone.

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