Dave's Dish of the Day | Christie's Sloppy Baskets

Sloppy Baskets

1lb Hamburger

1 Can Grands Biscuits

1 Can Manwich

Optional Onions and Mushrooms

Flour for rolling biscuits

Cheese for top

Muffin Tin Pan

Brown hamburger and sauté onions (if desired). Drain fat from hamburger. Add mushrooms and manwich, simmer.

Take flour and lightly sprinkle on cutting board. Roll biscuits out flat and push into muffin tin making a cup. Once you have the biscuits in the muffin tin fill with sloppy joe mix. Top with cheese, place in oven at 375 for time on the biscuits (9-12 minutes) or until biscuits are cooked.

Serve and enjoy this is a family favorite of Carley’s!

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