Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/10 - 4/12

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I hope you had a safe & healthy holiday weekend!

Friday 4/10 -

I've been really good about cooking at home during Quarantine, but still eating out from time to time. Friday night I was craving sushi so I ordered from Crave! I was so excited to eat that I only remembered to take a photo halfway through.

Saturday 4/11 -

I decided to go home to my parents this weekend to spend Easter together. I'm very thankful we could be together. I love old fashions and my Dad went out and bought all the ingredients to make them at home.

We made a cheese board, drinks, put on my favorite 40's big band radio station & my Dad & I played cribbage. It was a pretty excellent Saturday night.

Sunday 4/12 -

We've had this birdhouse sitting in my basement for awhile now & have joked about painting it. I decided Sunday was the perfect day for some arts & crafts. No one should be surprised I went Disney themed or that I chose Buzz Lightyear.

I documented the whole painting process & you can see it on my TikTok - @tinarange!

My mom also made my favorite pot pie! She even cut a tulip as the vent!

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