Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: An Empty Minnesota Town & My Proud Moment

We are kind of getting the hang of these distancing, quarantined weekends, aren't we? No going out, not getting together, no backyard happy hours, no game nights with friends. It's odd but we are learning how to cope with it. And the best news, it's working. We are flattening the curve. Good for us. Good for you. Please keep it up.

I heard it said this weekend, possibly by the governor of New York, "This isn't the end. This isn't the beginning of the end. But perhaps, it is the end of the beginning." I thought that was very profound. I think Winston Churchill said it during World War 2 when the British were getting beaten badly by Germany.

Okay, so let's get started!

Saturday, I was on the couch when Susan got an urge to start vacuuming. This is me doing my part to help out by putting my leg up on the coffee table.

This is not a flattering shot! I was in the basement doing a workout via Zoom with Brent from Snap Fitness. You can follow him on Instagram and get info about our next online workout. He's @brent.dreamachievefit He does a great job and it's for all levels. Stick it in your phone for Monday at 5pm and I'll see you there! (you need to find him on Insta to get the meeting number and password)

Saturday afternoon, I was looking forward to what was going to be the highlight of my weekend; a long motorcycle ride. But the bike wouldn't start up. Shoot. I called Batteries Plus and ordered one, went down to pick it up, got it home and it was the wrong one. Shoot again. Drove back down and got the right one and put it in. When that thing turned over, it was the happiest moment of my weekend!

Instead of a long ride, I took a short ride. I rode through downtown Excelsior which on a normal, warm Saturday night, would be crowded with cars and people. It was so eerily quiet. Lots of restaurants still open for carry-out though, so be sure to support them.

Sunday, my daughter Beth set up a Zoom family get together. We were all on for 40 minutes which is the max time for a free account. It was so fun! If you haven't tried it yet with your friends and family, do it! This was the highlight of my weekend! I love my kids so much!

I hope you had a good Easter Sunday, whether you celebrate the Christian aspect or the Springtime/Eggs/Bunny aspect.

Have a good week! We will be there for you every morning to hopefully make you smile and laugh a little during your morning.

And as always, thank you for looking at my blog.


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