Dave's Quarantine Weekend in Five Pictures: Look! I Got Brand New...

Another isolation weekend. I hope yours went okay. As hard as it is to sit inside or go out for yet another walk to kill the time, remember, it could be a lot worse. I just heard Oprah in an Apple TV special saying that when she's worried, stressed, anxious, etc, she reminds herself that right now, she is okay. And I think helps.

Let's get started on my weekend in five pictures.

Saturday at noon I did an online workout with my trainer Brent. He's awesome. Join us Monday at 5 on Zoom. Follow @brent.dreamachievefit on Instagram for the meeting number etc. It's pretty much an all-levels workout so if you're just starting out, you'll be fine. I hope you can make it! My iPad on the floor is what I'm watching to do the workout.

I know a lot of people are going crazy trying to find things to do around the house. I hardly ever play with my Nintendo Switch, but I heard Animal Crossing: New Horizon was awesome so I downloaded it and it's very relaxing. There's no pressure, no button-mashing, just slow and easy. If you have a Switch, give it a shot.

I used to run a lot and had to get new running shoes every couple of months, but haven't run much lately. However I've been walking in running shoes that are ten years old and badly need replacing so I ordered these and getting them was the highlight of my weekend. Yes, that's how slow things are lately, am I right?

BTW, Monday morning at 9am, I'm running a 5K on the stage in the KDWB Skyroom to raise money for Walk for Animals. Click here to pledge!

I saw this online and tried to order one but the site crashed or something so I decided to make my own. It's like a glove with no fingers that hangs from your belt so when you need to open a door, you slip your hand inside, open the door, then let gravity pull it back off. You can see the video on Instagram @daveryankdwb

And Saturday I watched Dateline and snuggled with my buddy, Josie. She's been such a great friend through all of this. Shout out Josie! Love you!

Usually I wrap these up by saying I hope you had a good weekend. And I mean that. I hope you had a good weekend. There are so many things to be unhappy about and I hope you were able to focus on some of good instead.

Thanks for looking at my blog.


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