Six Dinner Etiquette Rules for Kids from the 15th Century

Britain's national library has an etiquette book from the 1400s that lists a bunch of dinner table rules kids were expected to follow.

So could your kid hack it in 15th century England? Here are six rules they'd have to be able to follow at the dinner table . . .

1. "Don't pick your ears and nose" at dinner. Hopefully that one still applies in 2020.

2. No spitting at the table. Also a good one.

3. "Don't burp like you had a bean in your throat." (???)

4. "Don't pick your teeth with your knife." I guess toothpicks are more accessible than they were then.

5. "Don't be greedy with cheese." The modern equivalent might be something like, "Don't hog the mashed potatoes."

6. "Don't laugh, grin, or talk too much." In other words, shut up and stop screwing around. 

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