Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 2/21 - 2/23

Welp. It happened. I'm a TikTok-er now.

Don't @ me.

Friday 2/21 -

Friday I had a fancy pre-birthday dinner with my friend, Tom. We love good food & cool experiences so we decided to try the Uffda menu at Travail!! It was amazing & so much fun. I think this was the final weekend of this menu at their Minneapolis location, but check out their new space in Robbinsdale.

Saturday 2/22 -

Saturday I was pretty lazy & started packing for Florida, since I leave Tuesday for DISNEY!

I did do dinner/drinks with my friend/hair stylist/therapist, Evan.

After dinner, I went to my friend Harry's house & we made a TikTok. Because we are in our mid to late 20's & this is how we spend our Saturday nights.

Speaking of TikTok - I finally started my own & it's going pretty well. I will be spamming you with Disney content this week, so if that's your jam, go follow me!

Sunday 2/23 -

We had our banquet for dance Sunday night. It was my final farewell with the team & our amazing 5 seniors. Even though I wont be coaching next year, I know I'm still going to be around all the time. So it wasn't goodbye, just TTFN (ta ta for now).

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