Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: California Music Trip

I really haven't done much this weekend, so my weekend in five photos is gonna harken back to my very cool trip to LA last week to the iHeart Radio Music Summit. Basically, a bunch of radio people sat in a big theater (actually Jay Leno's old "Tonight Show" studio) and listened to song after song with a few surprise artist appearances. It was super-cool and I heard a bunch of awesome new music.

(To see and hear the five best songs of the summit, check out my blog on it here)

So let's get started with my weekend in five pictures!

This mural is still painted on the big stage door of the studio, even though NBC hasn't owned this studio for a few years. Inside is the iHeart Radio Theater. Kinda cool to think of all the celebrities that have been in this studio. And right next door is Johnny Carson's old studio with even more history and legend behind it.

In fact...

...I loved Johnny Carson so much when I was a kid that when I found out a park was named after him and was right next door, I had to go pay tribute to him. No entertainer influenced me more to want to be in radio than Johnny Carson. So much of what I learned from watching him I still use on my show today.

This is Tones and I. She does "Dance Monkey" and I never liked that song until I saw her do it live and she killed it. It's about how she used to be a street performer and people treated her like a performing monkey, ordering her to do whatever they wanted to entertain themselves. Once I knew the story and saw her perform, I was completely a fan.

These guys are a band called "New Hope Club." That's my boss, Rich on the right. So these guys have screaming fans who sing along and go crazy at all their shows. But at this summit, it was all jaded radio people who have seen it all and don't get excited about anything. I was talking to them after the show about it and they were laughing and totally agreeing that yes, it was completely weird to play for people who pretty much sat and listened with their hands folded in their laps. GREAT band and such talented guys! They'll be in the KDWB Skyroom Monday, Feb 24 and I can't wait to see them!

This is Doja Cat. I'd never heard of her until Thursday when they played her song, "Say So." I was like "Holy f**k! That song is a smash!" I leaned over to my boss and said, "That song's a hit!" Rich said, "Funny you'd say that because I think so too and we just started playing it this week." If you haven't heard it, check it out. So catchy! I'm gonna be playing it a lot this week on KDWB!

Back at home Saturday, I got on the treadmill and did 7 miles while watching "The Pharmacist" on Nexflix. It's so sad and tragic and good.

Sunday I hadto get outside, so I went to Baker Park and did about 5 miles on x-country skis. I absolutely loved it and it was so beautiful!

I hope you had a great week! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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