5 Best Songs I Heard @ the iHeart Radio Music Summit. #1 is @#$%ing AMAZING

You probably heard me talk about this work thang they sent me to last week. It was actually really cool. The big (and small) record companies all want radio to play their songs. Sure, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc are all viable music platforms, but a song really isn't a success unless it gets played on radio. Once it does, it reaches freaking everybody. Then the streaming and downloads really start. So radio gets a huge amount of music put in our faces to consider for airplay.

We listened to probably 50 songs in a day, and you'd think they all would start to blur together. Not really though. Some were nothing special, some were truly garbage and a few were like, "Hey that's really good!" Some are so new there's not even a video of them on YouTube and we weren't allowed to record them or put them on social media. I'll only say Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake with Sia have a huge shot at "Song of the Summer" for 2020!

Here are the top five songs I heard last week. Let's start with Number Five!

This is a guy named Alec Benjamin. This song is so new it hasn't even been released yet, but I found a live version on YouTube.

At number four, Dua Lipa probably wouldn't be a pop star if she didn't also look like a European Super Model, but she's a good singer and this song is super-catchy. It's called "Physical."

By the way, just an observation, of the probably 10 or so young female acts there last week, only about 2 dressed sexy with a lot of skin showing. There's definitely a trend away from sexualizing young artists to sell music and I think that's a good thing for everybody.

On to Number Three!

This song is effing amazing. It's by a band called Superorganism and it's freaky and weird and those pauses with absolute dead silence, followed by the release when the music kicks back in? They're like tiny little orgasms for your ears.

Number Two.

When I went to this summit in 2017, there was one song and one song only that stood out to me. It was by a guy named Lauv who no one had ever heard of. I was kind of half paying attention when it started and didn't catch the artist's name or the name of the song, so I asked a guy standing in the aisle, "What's the name of this song?" He seemed so excited that I was asking and told me the artist and title. I came back to KDWB and started playing it on the radio and next thing you knew, it was a huge song.

So this year, I wasn't surprised that Lauv was back with another big song. This one's called "Modern Lonliness." It's basically about how we have so many friends on social media but we aren't good at being present with them or actually spending time with them.

And now we're up to Number One.

The second they played this song I was like, "Oh f**k! That song is amazing!" I told my boss it would be a hit and he said, "That's funny because KDWB just started playing it this week!" It's like a mix between Ariana Grande and Daft Punk. It's by Doja Cat and it's called "Say So."

Will any of these songs become big hits? Who knows? A lot of songs should be hits and it never really happens. Then other songs that are kinda "mehh" become big songs and we all listen and say "What the eff is that song on the radio for?" LOL!

Thanks for checking these out!


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