Wisconsin Finally Has a Good Idea! Coat Checks For Those Escaping the Cold!

While there’s nothing greater then escaping to somewhere warm when it’s freezing and snowing where you live, there is one major dilemma folks usually have to deal with – what to do with their winter coats when they travel. 

There are usually two options for people, leave the heavy coat at home and freeze getting to and from the airport, or schlep that heavy coat to paradise, which can be a pain, especially on the plane.

Well, folks in Milwaukee now have a third option, and it’s pretty great. Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport just debuted a new coat check at the airport. The coat check can handle as many coats as dropped off, at a cost of $2 a day, with a maximum charge of $10. The service is offered inside the airport’s Summerfest Marketplace store in the Main Terminal. For those who arrive from international destinations, they’ll need to shuttle to the Main Terminal to pick up their coats at the end of their trip. 

USA Today

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