Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: A Day for Love and Driving a Tesla Model X

Valentine's Day was on Friday and while there was plenty of love in the air both my son, Isaac and I weren't hit with cupid's arrow until Saturday afternoon. (More on that further down)

The first picture is of Olivia's Valentine's Day box, she and Kristy worked really hard on it and she's hoping she won for most creative. Olivia worked really really really (cough, tongue in cheek, eye roll) hard on it and I think it looks pretty freakin awesome. Friday night Kristy and I ended up going out on a date and I had gotten her flowers and a card but the good news is that Kristy HATES Valentine's Day. I think my wife has a brilliant point, you shouldn't buy flowers and a card for someone on Feb 14th because that's what you're TOLD to do it, you should do it on days that you aren't told to do it.

Saturday was really pretty and not as windy as so we of course went to the dog park which was a for two major reasons.

  1. So the dogs could get outside and burn energy.
  2. So Isaac and I could get outside and burn some energy because we were counting down the minute until we got to drive to the Tesla dealership in Maplewood.

Early Saturday evening Isaac and I went to the Tesla dealership in Maplewood and picked up a Tesla Model X which we got to borrow for the weekend. I've been in love with Tesla's for the last few years and Isaac is become just as excited, his dream car right now is the Tesla Cybertruck which doesn't come out until 2023. A few weeks ago he and I asked if anyone knew of someone that knew about Tesla's and one of the local sales reps reached out and told us we could borrow a Tesla for market research and we did and it was awesome. The Model X is an incredible all electric car that goes from 0 - 60 in 2.6 seconds, it has FALCON doors and it can drive itself. I don't know who was more excited, me or Isaac but either way it was an incredible experience that he and I got to share.

The picture below is from Isaac's POV in the back seat. In this pic the Model X is driving itself to a Tesla Supercharger.

The final highlight of the weekend was watching the Space X Falcon Heavy launch from Florida on Monday morning. I think Space X is what got Isaac interested in Tesla and we got to visit Kennedy Space Center a few years ago so it only made sense that with a Model X in the garage we also watch Space X launch a rocket into space. (Side note, Tesla's have a bunch of easter eggs in their vehicles including whoopee cushions, the loudest one is actually called "Falcon Heavy)

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