Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Dog Meet Up and Something I'm Building

Am I the only one who after a few weeks of non-stop cold, sitting around doing nothing, you suddenly get the bug to do stuff around the house? Kristy wants to replace all the handles on the doors in the kitchen, I want to finally finish building a computer desk for the basement and this weekend we decided to tackle both of these projects. Below is the barnwood desk that I'm building after I glued it up and put a little bit of polyurethane on it.

These are the handles Kristy likes for our cabinets and the good news it we saw them at Home Depot for $5.50 each and when I went to Menards I found the same ones ON SALE for $1.48.

Saturday night we rented 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and I liked it a lot but I'm not quite sure if there's something I missed. I DID like looking up all the Easter eggs and actually liked the ending since I didn't see it coming.

Woke up Sunday to snow and this is me parked on 94 on our way to the dog meet up.

Here's one of my favorite parts from the weekend, the dog meet up. The weather on the way to the event was HORRIBLE but as soon as the storm passed around noon the sun came out and it was beautiful. Here's a picture of some of the people that came out for the event which was a blast.

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