Minnesota Mom Recognizes Long-Lost Dog's Photo on Beer Can

Good news for the mother for the mother of a fur baby. A Minnesota woman is due to be reunited with the dog who ran away from home three years ago after a Florida brewery put the canine's face on a beer can while it was staying in a shelter. Monica Mathis said she was on social media when she saw a story about Motorworks Brewing putting photos of dogs at the Manatee County Animal Services shelter on their beer cans to find homes for the canines.

Mathis, who lived in Florida before moving to Minnesota, quickly recognized one of the dogs, identified as "Day-Day" by the shelter, was her long-lost dog Hazel. She said Hazel was an escape artist who would frequently flee home to go running loose, and on the last occasion, about three years ago, the dog was never found. Mathis contacted the shelter and shared information that proved she was Hazel's former owner.

The shelter said Hazel had a microchip when she was brought in, but the information was out of date. "Microchip and license your pets -- and remember to always keep your contact information up-to-date," the shelter said in a Facebook post

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