Will Someone Buy What Could Be the Most Expensive House in the U.S.?

You know a house is overpriced when even a billionaire would need to take out a mortgage to pay for it.

The 100,000-square-foot mansion in Bel-Air has four pools, a bowling alley, a nightclub, a 30-car garage, a 45-seat IMAX theater, a 5,000-square-foot master bedroom, and moat. The mega-mansion is being built by a real estate developer in Los Angeles who's making finishing touches on a house that COULD be the most expensive house in the U.S. . . . IF anyone buys it.

The developer is pricing it at $500 MILLION. The current record holder for the biggest real estate deal in the U.S. is a penthouse in Manhattan that sold for $238 million . . . so this is double that.

Of course, finding someone to spend $500 million on a house isn't easy. But there WERE six homes sold in the U.S. last year for more than $100 million. Here's an aerial view of the house.

More about the house at Bloomberg

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