Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: 'I Shih Tzu Not' I Barely Got My Five Pics

The news of Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter accident was is horrible but the news that his 13 year-old daughter was with him was heartbreaking... I can’t imagine. I don’t really have anything else to add besides the fact that it’s just so sad. 

My weekend began with Kristy being gone overnight for a friends 40th and it was just me and the kids. I would argue if a kid had to choose ONE parent they'd prefer to be stuck at home with on a Friday night, I think most kids would pick Dad because you get away with murder. 

The pictures I have are random, above is a selfie of Isaac and I at his soccer practice, while he was running around playing Olivia was with a friend at Five Below where she found the perfect shirt. (she was told she can't buy because what would people think if we let Olivia wear that shirt to school.)

On the topics of dogs, the picture below is Olivia's little dog Louie who is part Shih Tzu and part Bichon. He's adorable but he's also disguising! We still haven't been able to stop him from eating his own poop. He got snipped earlier in the week and is still wearing the cone around his neck. He actually came into the house on Saturday and some of his POO WAS STILL STUCK ON THE CONE!

We had kids over all weekend which is great because it's an activity but even the most well behaved kid leaves some sort of mess and then you have to hound either Isaac or Olivia to clean it up. Here's Isaac and his friend Blake.

Final picture from the weekend is something that you'll hopefully be able to see and do very soon. You've probably seen the Instagram filters that tell you which Harry Potter/Friends/US President you are...

Soon you'll be able to find out which member of the Dave Ryan Show you are...

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