My Daughter Allison is Going to Have a Baby!!!

This little girl...

Has become this wonderful woman...

She married and successful and happy and such a good and kind person. She has a great husband and they're looking for a house. So it wasn't too surprising when she told us at Christmas she was pregnant. She gave Susan a little package and inside was a tiny onesie that said, "Hello Grandma and Grandpa." Awwwwwww...

Susan cried and it was so sweet. She's so excited and she'll be such a good mom and Justin will be such a good dad. Allison has always been very mothering and fussed over Carson. "Do you think you should be eating that, Carson?" would be something she'd say. Or, "Carson, maybe you should put down your phone and practice your drums." She's a natural.

Already the baby is the size of a jalapeno, which just makes me smile.

Congratulations Allison and Justin! Can't wait to meet your new baby!

BTW, look at those little booties! (Allison got them at Target)

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