The Eight Most Ridiculous Items People Tried To Return To Target

Most people love Target, but most people also walk out of Target with a lot of things they don’t need. Well, lucky for those customers, Target has a pretty descent return policy, allowing most unopened items to be exchanged or refunded within 90 days.

It turns out there are a lot of people out there who try to test that return policy in a variety of ways, and now Target employees are talking. They shared with Business Insider the most outrageous things folks have tried to return and it’s bound to leave you shocked.

  1. A single banana
  2. An unopened bag or chips- Apparently they weren’t eaten at the customer’s party.
  3. Assorted half-consumed products- One even tried to return a half-drunk bottle of wine.
  4. Items brought at other stores– Like the customer who tried to return a Wal-mart brand of flour.
  5. A disturbing piece of swimwear– As in a bloody bathing suit bottom.
  6. Hundreds of dollars in Christmas decorations– The return came in late February so you know they decorated the house for the holiday and then brought it back.
  7. A damaged bag of contraceptives– As in an open box of condoms
  8. Thousands of dollars in home goods– Usually after a customer has successfully staged and sold their homes.

See some more of the strange things people have tried to return here.

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