Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: I Did WHAT for 60 Straight Minutes?

Allison's birthday, Carson heading back to Boston, the weather, NFL playoffs. It all kept me busy this weekend! Thanks for checking out my weekend in five pictures!

Friday night, we went to our favorite place, Benihana, for Allison's 28th birthday. She's had MANY birthdays here, probably 20! I asked her, "Do you want to go someplace else? After all, you've been there every birthday for years!" And she said, nope, let's go again! So we did. We always love it. And our little game is to act super-surprised and impressed at every little trick the chef does, even though we've seen them a million times. "OH MY GOSH ALLISON! LOOK! HE CAUGHT IT IN HIS HAT!!!"

Saturday was super-cold but I went out and got a few miles of X-Country skiing in at Carver Park Reserve. It was too cold to be out and honestly, I probably shouldn't have gone, but I had a good time and at least I learned that 5 degrees is a bit too cold to be out skiing.

This is my broadcasting instructor from when I was 16 or 17 years old. He changed my life, not just from the lessons in broadcasting he taught me, but the lessons in life. He meant so much to me I wrote an entire blog about him. You can see it here.

During the KC-TENN game on Sunday, I got on my little elliptical and did one solid hour. Trust me, I needed it. Josie was very supportive. :-)

Food you make at home never photographs well, but since I know you know that, I thought I'd post a picture of the pan-baked lemon chicken I made on Sunday. Yes, it looks like garbage but it was really good and contains something green. (Baby spinach) I've made a pledge this year to try to eat something green with every meal.

And that's it! I hope you had a good weekend. Take 60 seconds (or longer) and explain to your kids who Martin Luther King was so they won't think of him as just a holiday. There are some great videos on YouTube of him explaining what he was fighting for that kids can understand.

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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