50 Ways We Want to Help Make Our Kids More Self-Sufficient

A parenting blogger with the Today show posted this the other day and my wife and I found it dead on. We have two kids that are great but at times it feels like (especially Kristy) has to do everything for them and it's frustrating but also as parents I think we're supposed to teach them to be able to do things for themselves.

'As a society, we are so consumed with making life easier for our children we are forgetting to make sure our youth are learning the most important skill – being self-sufficient. We are a society, who is so accommodating; we are hindering our kid’s ability to complete basic tasks. We are a community, who is so technological savvy; we are not passing on the basic skill of holding a conversation.'

The goods news, my kids can do a bunch of the things on this list but I think it's a really good benchmark that we want them to hit.

1.Shake someone’s hand,

2.Write a thank you letter,

3.Make scrambled eggs,


5.Initiate a conversation,

6.Wash dishes (without a dish washer),

7.Fix something without replacing it,

8.Hammer a nail,

9.Hang a picture,

10.Wait and save money for something,

11.Read a recipe,

12.Read a map,


14.Iron a shirt,

15.Admit they made a mistake,

16.Care for a younger sibling,

17.Eat healthy,

18.Complete a task,

19.Make a phone call (not a text),

20.Take a message,

21.Balance a checkbook,

22.Check tire pressure,

23.Eat at the dinner table without electronics,

24.Set the table,

25.Pump gas without an attendant,

26.Cut grass,

27.Wash a car,

28.Get help when needed,

29.Make an appointment,

30.Act during a performance,

31.Show respect,


33.Make decisions,

34.Compliment others,

35.Wake up on time,

36.Pack their suitcases,

37.Advocate for what they believe in,

38.Do chores without being told,

39.Wrap a gift,

40.Take care of a cut,

41.Manage time,

42.Clean the house,


44.Leave a tip at a restaurant,

45.Change a light bulb,

46.Make eye contact,

47.Show effort,

48.Be kind,

49.Stand up for themselves and others,

50.Go the extra mile

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