Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: The Good and The Bad

Came home and Isaac finished the gift I got Kristy, Lego FRIENDS Central Perk. 

Saturday was busy for us because it was the kids final weekend of vacation so we had to get a bunch of stuff in. The day started with us doing the Lifetime Commitment Day family workout at the new location in Edina.

After that we went to the Apple store where Kristy proved that while she isn’t the age of a boomer, when it comes to technology she’s a bit of a boomer. She ended up walking out with the iPhone 11 because she's the family photographer.

The other reason for going to Southdale was because we promised the kids we’d go to Dave and Busters so we did that before heading home so we could watch the Buffalo Bills in the first Wild Card game of the weekend. Kristy and I grew up Buffalo Bills fans and they lost a heartbreaking overtime. 

Sunday we watched the Vikings game and I coulda swore it was gonna happen again, a loss but the Vikings were awesome and won the game

Bonus was watching these grown New Orleans Saints fans flip off the camera when the Vikings would get a field goal. 

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