Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Carson, His Buddies and Their Moms

Hope you had a great first weekend of 2020! Mine was good. A nice mix of downtime and being busy. And ending Sunday with something that was pretty darn cool!

Let's get started!

Friday night we went to the dog show in St. Paul. It was so cool! So many different, beautiful dogs. It's so great to see the owners so proud of their dogs! This guy was one of my favorites!

It's just Carson on some stairs, right? Wrong! Remember going to the Science Museum when you were a kid and playing on the musical stairs? They're very cool, but Friday it was even cooler because we found ourselves the only people on the stairs so we could really hear the music. If you've never been there, you have to go! BTW, we saw "Dog Superpowers" at the Omni Theater and it was so good!

Saturday morning, I played with a ukulele group in a little hole in the wall called "The Warming House." There were about 20 of us of all ages from about 6 to over 70 and we had the best time!

Sunday, our Scout Troop was asked to help in a salute to veterans at a nursing home. My job was to play the snare drum when veteran's names were read. The Marine Corp was there and as you would expect, they are so impressive. And as I like to say, "Talk to old people" because I heard the best stories from men and women who served in the military in WW2 and Korea.

On the way home from the veteran's event, I swung by Susan's Board and Brush store in Chanhassen because Carson and his buddies and their moms were all doing projects. I had only planned to come in and say hi for a minute but they were having so much fun and you never know when the next time will be that they're all together so I stayed until they finished up.

And so another weekend is in the books! Have a great week this week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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