Steve-O's Christmas Holiday in Eleven Pictures

My Christmas break was nothing short of a blur with a lot of rushing around and then sitting around with nothing to do. The start of my vacation was spent at Elk River High School where I played a supporting role for the fourth year as a "party parent" in her ballet production of the Nutcracker. Here's Olivia and I backstage.

Like most great families like the Rockefeller's and the Hearst's we also take a family portrait on Christmas eve.

Christmas day was great because after running around for the couple of days leading up to it we were finally able to just relax, open presents, play games and enjoy MY favorite part, a seafood boil.

My favorite gift from Christmas has to be the ugly Christmas sweater I got from my wife.

The Friday after Christmas we hosted our second annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Here's the parents that attended, at this point kids were either upstairs screaming or downstairs playing Mario Kart. It was a great time but the "cleaning" that has to be done before hosting this sort of party is a nightmare.

The adults did a white elephant gift exchange and Kristy and I made out like KINGS with a Game of Thrones sock set!

The winter storm earlier this week was perfect because the fresh powder gave us and excuse to go outside. The pictures below are from one of the numerous trips to the dog park and then on New Years Eve we went sledding in a neighborhood in Elk River that has a killer sledding hill and the association has a toe rope set up so the second picture is Isaac riding up the hill.

Kristy and I spent New Years Eve at the Crystal Ball with Falen, her husband Jake, Web Girl Tina and a bunch of friends.

After getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep I started off the new year by running the Life Time Commitment Day 5K.

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