Grant Family's Christmas Wish

I've known Rachel and Dustin for 5 years. Their son David and my daughter Adalie started daycare at New Horizons the same week. Ever since then, Adalie and David have been inseparable and absolute best friends. David has vision issues and has worn glasses since he was nine months old.
He was diagnosed with both hyperopia (farsightedness), and Congenital Nystagmus, which is a condition in which his eyes shake uncontrollably. This summer, they brought David to a specialist in California to discuss possible surgery to slow or stop his eye movement. The specialist informed them that David’s vision problem was not caused by Nystagmus. He has Retinal Dystrophy.
They came to the realization that David had been misdiagnosed for the past four years. They went to California in hopes to correct his eyesight, but instead returned with the news that David is losing his vision and will become blind.
David has now undergone many tests, seen multiple doctors and specialists and received genetic testing. His diagnosis is Leber Congenital Amaurosis, a condition caused by a gene mutation. This in an eye disorder that primarily affects the retina, which is the specialized tissue at the back of the eye that detects light and color. There is currently no treatment for this diagnosis but there are two clinical trials that have yet to be approved.
David’s parents don’t know how quickly David will lose his sight. His vision loss began with the loss of his peripheral vision. It progresses to losing the ability to see colors. Just two weeks ago, David stopped being able to see the color blue, so his vision loss is progressing. His center vision will be the last part to go, and it is unknown when this will happen.
I’ve heard about them wanting to fly him around the world to see any and everything before he completely loses his vision. He currently has the ability to see the color red more than anything. He absolutely loves firemen and firetrucks.
Amid having their world turned completely upside down, just two months ago, Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I've never met anybody that is so positive and has such a great outlook on life than Rachel. She is inspiring and her positivity is contagious. Despite everything, I never hear her complain about her cancer nor the negative side effects she’s experiencing from treatment. Instead, she is entirely focused on being positive for not only herself, but for her family. All she wants is to help David since his world is completely changing.
Rachel and Dustin are wonderful parents to not only David, but also to their 2-year-old daughter, Kaylee.
They have had such a difficult year, and they deserve to have something good happen to their family this Christmas.

For the Grant Family this Christmas, Treasure Island Resort & Casino heard about their Wish and the family's need to update the home for David's declining vision. They've generously donated $2000 to help update their home to create a safer environment for David! The Grant's will also receive $250 Wild Bill’s Sports Saloon gift cards, Bath and hand towels & Blanket.

5-year-old David will receive graphic tees, Robe, Joggers, Hoodies, Long sleeve shirts, Hat and mittens & PJs. We know how much David wanted an iPad this Christmas, so we got him one of those along with an Apple iPad pen, String lights for hallway to bathroom, Alexa dot, Smart lights for Alexa, Fire truck plush, Fire truck lamp, Super hero towel, Spider man blanket, Fire truck sheets, Fast and furious light up car, Trouble game, Connect 4, Sorry game, Hungry Hungry hippos, Tonka fire truck, Slime, Red pillow case and bed spread.

For little sister, Kaylee, Jeans, Leggings, Hat and mittens, Jacket, Jean jacket, Paw patrol crew neck shirt, Paw patrol PJs, Peppa Pig pjs, Peppa pig t shirt, Dress, Hoodie & Vikings outfit. She'll also receive 4 tickets to Nick Jr. Live, Peppa pig’s tree house, Talking Peppa Pig, Paw patrol dogs and cars, Paw patrol blanket, Princes towel, Peppa coloring book, Crayons, Markers, Peppa big characters, Chalk, Beauty salon play set.

Dad, Dustin, $25 REI Gift card, $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, $50 Cabelas gift card, Vikings pillow, Vikings MN Outline, Vikings table top toss, Vikings blanket, Vikings poster, Vikings travel mug, Vikings coffee cup, Vikings Watch, Vikings Pez candy, Vikings Wallet & Vikings Hat. Finally, for Mom, Rachel, $100 Spa Finder gift card, Noise canceling headphones, Planner, Wallet & Purse. Rachel will also receive a Vikings t shirt, Friends long sleeve, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Friends t shirts, Friends hoodie, Zip up fuzzy jacket, Winter jacket & Fuzzy socks.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for the Grant Family!

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