Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Carsons Home and Wait, WTF?

Another fast weekend! I hope yours was a good one! Carson came home Saturday and it's been kind of non-stop since then, including a moment where I was thinking, "What in the actual hell?" But it was all good. Let's get started!

This is Saturday morning as we're driving Carson home from the airport. It's so great to have him home. He's my buddy and I've missed him a lot.

So I got some cross-country skis and tried them out Thursday and absolutely loved them. So peaceful and such great exercise. Susan was working on Saturday afternoon and Carson was out with his friends so I went to Carver Park Reserve and hit the beginner trail again. Only fell twice!

Every year for around 15 years, Allison, Carson and I go to Paint Your Plate in Edina to make Susan a Christmas present. It's not even about making a present anymore because when you think about it, she would have accumulated 45 pieces over the years. It's about time with my kids and tradition. We get something at Caribou a block away and then chat and paint and relax and have fun. Shout-out to Amelia at PYP for always making it fun and easy!

Sunday, coming home from Paint Your Plate, I saw a motorcycle in Chanhassen. It was about 35 degrees, about 10 degrees colder than most riders are comfortable with, but good for this guy for getting out! And I was lucky enough to catch him doing a wheelie!

Sunday afternoon, I went up flying just to get a few practice landings in. It was a calm, clear afternoon and lots of people were up. Taking flying lessons was the best thing I've ever done for myself. If you want to learn to fly, take an introductory lesson. It's amazing. Email me with any questions about it. daveryan@kdwb.com

And that's it! Monday, Falen, Jenny and I are doing the show and Tuesday, for the first time since I've been on KDWB, I'm doing the morning show by myself! I'm really looking forward to it because that's how every deejay gets started; doing a show by themselves.

Have a great week! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And as always, THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY BLOG! :-)


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