Monegro Family's Christmas Wish

Sarah and I have been friends for 27 years and there isn't a time I can think of when she hasn't been there for a friend or family member. I have watched her go without so her children can have that little extra. With the regular chaos of life, she even took the time to volunteer to foster dogs and cats. During her marriage she was a stay at home mom and her and her husband are raising 5 children. Three years ago her husband came down with a debilitating disease called Neuromyelitis optica with transverse myelitis. This disease caused him to be paralyzed from the waste down. He was no longer able to work and Sarah is his full time care giver. To try and make ends meet, Sarah has taken on boarding and walking dogs along with the disability checks her husband Francisco receives. A lot of times this still isn't enough. With caring for her husband and her children, she has no time for herself, but she never complains. She always wants to make sure that whatever is going on with the problems of day to day life that her children aren't affected. Recently her dryer died and she doesn't have the money to replace it. She has been hauling laundry for 7 people to the laundry mat on top of her dog walking duties, taking her husband to doctor visits and taking care of her children. There is no one I can think of who deserves this Christmas Wish more than her. Her strength and determination to make sure her family is o.k is beyond belief. I am amazed by her everyday. 
Thank you so much. This will be life changing for her. 
Cassie Davis 

For the Monegro Family's Christmas Wish, Treasure Island Resort & Casino heard about the family's need for a new dryer, so they’ve generously donated money for a new dryer AND washer set! We've also gotten the family a brand new sofa! For some entertainment this holiday season, Exploding kittens game, Blank slate game, Telestrations game, Taboo speak out game & 5 in 1 sportsplex multi game.

Next, for 16-year-old Isabel, $25 starbucks gift card, laundry basket, peppermint snow tube, notebook, folder, pencil case, pencils, planner, water bottle, blanket, backpack, bath salts, towel, makeup bag, eyeshadow, JBL Speaker, Bathbombs, DIY terrarium, DIY Candles. We also got Isabel some new clothes & accessories like a scarf, crew neck shirt, long sleeve shirt, fuzzy zip up, hoodie & hat.

For 15-year-old Bianca, $25 Starbucks gift card, Laundry basket, Bath bombs, Nail polish, DIY perfume maker, DIY bath bombs, JBL Speaker, Notebook, folder, pencil case, pencils, planner, Blanket, Backpack, Towel, Makeup bag, Eye shadow, Water bottle & Bath salts. She'll also recieve clothing items such as a sweatshirt, Jacket, Longsleeve shirt, Hoodie & Hat.

Manny, who is newly 13 will receive a PS4 gaming head set, $25 PS4 gift card, Laundry basket, Blanket, Backpack, Pencil case, pencils, folder notebook, Waterbottle, Ice monster snow tube & Towel. Manny will also recieve hat, hoodie, T-shirts & jacket.

Alex, who is 9 will also receive a PS4 gaming head set, $25 PS4 gift card, Laundry basket, Notebook, folder, pencils, pencil case, backpack, towel, blanket, waterbottle & UFO Snow tube. Alex will also recieve clothing items such as a newm jacket, hat & longsleeve shirts.

Next, for 8-year-old Eliana, Laundry basket, Sherpa blanket, Pink towel, Backpack, Folder, notebook, pencil case, pencils, Waterbottle, My little pony princess luna, My little pony rainbow road trip, JBL Speaker, Unicorn purse & Unicorn snow tube She'll also receive a sparkly zip up, sparkly shirt, shiny rainbow zip up, unicorn cake shirt, hat & scarf.

For Dad, Francisco, KitchenAide stand mixer, Duffel bag, Water bottle, Bomber jacket, Sweaters, Hat & Towels Finally, for Mom, Sarah $50 Spa Finder gift card, Scarf, Cardigan, Jacket, Sweaters, Hat, Purse, White board calendar and markers, Planner, Towels & Water bottle.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for the Monegro Family!

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