Holly Yeazle & Family's Christmas Wish

Dear KDWB Christmas Wish,
Holly is a tattooed, bad-ass, amazing mother of 3 girls. In January this year her and her boyfriend Josh welcomed their first baby together, Lainey. Holly had a rough pregnancy, but she never lost hope that things would turn out amazing and just as it should, a happy, healthy baby. That is far from what happened. Lainey was delivered by C-section as she was breach. Lainey spent 34 days in the NICU while both parents went from work to hospital to home supporting each other and the children. They were told Lainey was blind and they would need to learn how to cope and live with a blind baby. This didn't stop the two, they were not going to give up. They were determined to get a second opinion, but in the meantime they would do what the doctor recommended. They bought light up toys, and books that had braille and they were going to learn right along with their daughter how to live without sight. At one point they thought Lainey had liver failure and she had to have a liver biopsy consisting of being put under anesthesia and the stress just kept piling up. They went to the MAYO for a second opinion and were told that Lainey was not fully blind, she was legally blind in one eye and she would need to wear glasses and more than likely need eye surgery to correct a lazy eye. A couple weeks ago they went in for a diaper rash and ended up with a referral for and echo. The echo determined that there is 2 small defects in her atrium. These last 9 months have been a rolling tumbleweed and they still come out smiling and hoping for the best outcome. Holly works extra hours to make ends meet and Josh watches the girls so they don't have the daycare expense. Big sister Ella has taken on a lot of this stress as well, she believes because she is the oldest sister that she needs to take care of her sisters. She has spent many a nights crying herself to sleep and just wishing for her baby sister to be better and her other sister to stay healthy. Ella is completely selfless and has the biggest heart ever. She has said many times that she doesn’t want or need anything except for her baby sisters. On top of that Ella and Quinn’s dad left for deployment and will be gone for a year and this is more than the two girls can really comprehend. Josh is really into Jiu Jitsu and while he was attending that to relieve some stress in his life he messed up his back and may need to require surgery. This family is more than deserving for a beautiful end to this roller coaster of a year. Please KDWB crew help grant this Christmas Wish for a family that needs a little cheer in their world!
Thank you,
Heather Marie

Treasure Island Resort & Casino heard this Wish & the Family's need for help with rent, so they’ve generously offered to pay 1 month rent for the family! $200 Visa Gift Card to pay for Lainey’s arm braces, 1 year SHIPT Membership for groceries, $100 Uber gift cards (to help them get to work since they share 1 car/work different shifts). $50 Davanni’s gift card & Diapers.

For Mom, Holly, $50 Spa Finder gift card, Flannel shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Cardigans, Hat & Mittens. For Dad, Josh, Band tees, Work out shorts, Work out shirts, Joggers, Jackets, Flannel shirts & Bomber jacket.

For 7-year-old, Ella, a stuffed unicorn, princess towel, Nickelodeon slime, LOL doll winter disco, LOL Surprises, LOL backpack, unicorn purse, unicorn water bottle, toy basket, LOL doll blanket, Dear Girl book, unicorn day book & history of unicorns book. She'll also recevie pants, unicorn hat, unicorn mittens, sweaters, T-shirts, jackets & sweatshirts.

3-year-old Quinn will also receive a stuffed unicorn, poodle towel, mermaid tail blanket, unicorn backpack, doctor dress up kit, Play Beauty salon vanity, Baby Born, Goodnight Groovicorns Book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear book, Love You Forever book & Unicorn water bottle. Quinn is also receving a unicorn hat, unicorn mittens, dresses, PJs, sweaters, pants, T-shirts & Jean Jacket.

Finally for little Lainey, bunny stuffed animal, stroll and learn walker, Fisher Price sensory toys, spin and sing alphabet zoo, baby touch and feel animal book, How to charm a llama touch book, Squishy Squashy unicorn book, Eric Carles book of many things, toy basket, unicorn towel, unicorn blanket. She'll also receive sweaters, t-shirts, pants & PJs.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for Holly Yeazle & Family!

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