Askov Family's Christmas Wish

Dear Dave, Falen, and Steve,
We are writing to see if you would please consider our friend Natalie for your Christmas Wish. I met Natalie through an online work at home mom group. At the time she was a hospice RN transitioning to hospital care, and I suggested where I worked. 
She got a job at the hospital and took to it like a fish to water. She is an amazing nurse. Shortly after getting the job she suffered a painful back injury that she faced daily, while being an amazing mom, wife, nurse, pug lover, dog rescuer etc. I could honestly go on forever on how Nat spends her time serving others. (From Lani)
 I met Natalie in September of 2017 when we started working together. I was working in a completely different environment from my previous experience. Natalie was one of the people who was quick to embrace me, welcome me and help me adjust to this new work environment. I got to know Natalie at a more personal level and love her. She is one of the most resourceful people I know of. She labels herself as an introvert but most people who know her, love her. Her level of loyalty is unquestionable. From personal experience she goes to bat for the ones she loves. Despite all her financial, social and physical challenges she is raising amazing children. She does her best for her family. Natalie is an amazing mother to her three beautiful children. She Always finds a way to give her children the ‘normal’ childhood experience even though she faces financial challenges. As a nurse she ALWAYS puts her patients first. She was faced with physical challenges but still found a way to keep soldiering on for her family and patients. I really love that no matter what Natalie is going through she always smiles, talks sweetly and puts the next person first.
We are coming to you to see if you can help ease her stress over the holidays. We know her van is in need of tires, but she’s doing her best to make them last through the winter. They recently had to make hot water heater repairs, and of course Christmas is upon us. Her newest baby (salty muffin) as nat refers to her, is adorable in her big brothers hand me downs, but could def use some froo froo girly stuff, and headbands etc. The boys could use new duds, and of course help with keeping her pets and beloved pugs happy and healthy would be awesome. Possibly a grocery delivery service for the nights she works late? Or a computer for the house, hers kicked the bucket over a year ago. Anything you can help with would be greatly appreciated, and we can’t think of a person who deserves it more.
Pam and Lani
Members of the she woman Natalie fan club.

For the Askov family this holiday season, HP Stream laptop, $600 gift card for new tires, Towels, Wall calendar, Fuzzy blanket, $50 Davanni’s Gift Card, 4 tickets to SeaLife at MOA.

For the boys, Josiah & Elijah, Lego City Satellite Service Mission, Lego Constructions Leader, Lego Mighty dinosaurs, Lego Batman, Lego Spider-man & More legos! We also got some gift for their adorable pets! Dog and cat treats, Dog donut toy, Cat donut toy, Dog Kong, Cat fish taco toy, feather toy, Dog and cat food & Cat litter.

Mom, Natalie is receiving Keurig with K-cups, Travel mug, Water bottle, Lunch box, Planner, Crew neck t-shirts, Band tees, London Sweatshirt, Sweaters, Fuzzy sweatshirt, Cardigan, Hat and Mittens, Dog/cat/fuzzy socks & Backpack. Dad, Darren got a new mug, Christmas toy shop puzzle, Hat and Scarf, Sweaters, Band tees, Hogwarts shirt, MN United t-shirt & Backpack.

We got a few more things for the boys as well. For 7-year-old Josiah, Superhero towel, Harry Potter blanket, Bakugan Transformer Toy, Camo Backpack & Water bottle. Joggers, Boots, Sweatpants, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Jeans, T-shirts, Soccer PJs, Jacket, Snowpants, Hat & Mittens. Also for 4-year-old Elijah, Shark towel, Marvel blanket, Motorcycle spider man, Dino Backpack & Water bottle. Sweaters, T-shirts, Skinny jeans, Snow pants, Jacket, Hat, Mittens & Superhero PJs.

Finally, for 1-year-old Caterina, Baby Shark, Stuffed Bunny, Llama bibs, Sheets, Unicorn blanket, Unicorn towel, Baby cups, Care For Me Learning Center, Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket. Onsies, Minnie Mouse Crew Neck, Sweatpants, Bows, Dresses, Longsleeve shirts, Leggings, Jacket, Unicorn Hat, Unicorn mittens & Elsa/Frozen Crew Neck.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for the Askov Family!

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