Grgas Family's Christmas Wish

Dear Dave and the morning show,
I am writing and requesting a Christmas Wish be given to my friend and coworker, Margaret and her family. Life has its challenges and some people are challenged more than others. My friend, Margaret is going through a very difficult time right now in her family.
A few months ago, Margaret’s husband lost his job. In the process of looking for a new job, he was called to Buffalo, NY to help take care of his two older siblings, who are vulnerable adults. His sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and she is the primary care giver to their brother, Joseph. Both are in their 60’s and Joseph is a gentleman with special needs and cannot care for himself. Her husband had no other choice, but to go and take care of the both of them.
Margaret has been left to take care of their 4 teenage children with special needs. They all suffer from various issues that occurred before Margaret and her husband adopted them. Margaret works full time as a paraprofessional at our elementary school in the special education department. She then goes home to help her own children. Running to appointments, therapies and just household errands, leaves her worn out and demoralized. She can’t leave them home alone, so wherever she goes, they have to go. Doing all of this with very little is a situation that I don’t know how she manages. Margaret is always smiling, never complaining and yet, she truly has the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Here at school, Margaret is the first to help anyone in need. She bakes for everyone’s birthdays, sews our staff Halloween costumes every year, and is always thinking of others. Margaret and her husband are the most selfless people I know. They have very little, but what they do have, they share with anyone who needs it more.
My Christmas wish is to spread some Christmas joy and happiness to their family. I would love to make sure her husband can come home and be with his family for Christmas, have something for their kids to open on Christmas morning and a dinner for all of them to enjoy. This seems so simple and basic, but for this family, it would mean the world to them.
Merry Christmas and thank you so much for considering this family.
Darlene Sundheim

For the Grgas Family this holiday season, 5 brand new beds for the entire family thanks to Sleep Number! We're also taking care of airfair so we can get Dad home from New York! On top of that, we're also getting the family an air hockey table, 4 Chromebook laptops for the kids to help with school & $300 grocery gift card.

For Mom, Margaret, $200 gift card for a spa day/hair appointment to pamper herself. We also got some shirts & sweaters. for 18-year-old Nicholas, a tool kit, new shoes, shirts & sweaters. Brian, who is 17, will receieve shirts, sweaters, new shoes & game controllers. 16-year-old Mary, will receive a foot spa, new boots, sweatshirt & sweaters. Finally, for 15-year-old Jacob, a drone, new boots, shirts, athletic jacket & sweaters.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for the Grgas Family!

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