Dave's Weekend In Five Pictures: Why Is Allison Laughing So Hard?

This time of year is always super-busy and we stress over it but I think it's kind of a good stress. We know it's all meant to make people happy, plus we know it's only going to last a few weeks, then we're into the new year and we focus on other things.

So let's check out the busy weekend in five (plus one bonus!) pictures!

Friday night, I was gonna watch the 20/20 about the Backstreet Boys and NSync and their crooked manager but I decided to save that one until ite felt right to watch. I was in the mood for something suspenseful and I found the perfect movie on Netflix. It's called "Gerald's Game" and it's about a couple who goes off to a very remote cabin to try to reignite the passion in their marriage. This is NOT a spoiler, but the husband handcuffs her to the bed and then ten minutes later, he dies of a heart attack. The rest of the movie is her trying to figure out how to get free. And how they fill up 90 minutes with that is brilliant.

I've always done the Christmas cards in my family and this year is no exception. I finished 46 cards and as far as I can tell that'll be all for this year. EXCEPT when we get one from someone we forgot about and need to send them one real quick!

You may have heard me talk about how peaceful and nice it is to watch birds on my bird feeder. This big guy is kind of a rarity. He's a red-bellied woodpecker, although he should be called a red-headed woodpecker.

Saturday, Falen, Steve and I went to Mall of America to skate and give out prizes from Pepsi. I haven't skated in 25 years and have only done it one time so I was very tentative on the ice. I made it around the rink 3 times and decided that was enough. But we met a lot of great people and had fun!

Saturday night, Allison and her husband came over for dinner and to play games Allison is cracking up because one round of Telestrations went off the rails. You can see it on my Instagram @daveryankdwb

Bonus picture: I took Josie to PetSmart sunday to get her a jacket cuz she loves her walks and it's getting so cold out!

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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