Krystle Burke & Family's Christmas Wish

Krystle is my best friend, a single mother, and the strongest woman I know. She has dedicated most of her life being a Mom and raising her two girls on her own. She never gave herself much time to fall in love and settle into a relationship with a man. Her priority for years was always her girls and work. Last year that changed when she met a wonderful man named Mathew. Mathew and Krystle fell head over heels in love. He was an amazing father figure to her little girls and gave Krystle the love and stability she deserved. Finally, all the pieces were settling into place for she and her girls. I’ve never seen the three of them happier.
Sadly, this all came to a tragic end right before Christmas last year. Mathew and Krystle discovered they were expecting a baby.They were ecstatic and were looking at homes to move into for their growing family. They planned a trip to Bentleyville in Duluth where there were going to surprise their kids with the big news. They reserved a hotel room as a treat for the kids and were looking forward to a family getaway. They wrapped up a baby outfit that said “Little Brother” in a big box for the kids to open. The night before their trip, Mathew came home from working as a security guard late in the evening.They chatted about their trip in the morning and their future together. Krystle fell asleep when Mathew went to take a shower. When Krystle woke up early in the morning, Mathew was not in bed. When she went into the bathroom, she found him. He had suffered a cardiac event and passed away on their bathroom floor at 38 years old. Kailey, Krystle’s 12-year-old daughter, tried to revive him, but it was too late.She and the girls were traumatized, and their lives shattered. Christmas time will never be the same.
Now Krystle was left raising her two girls alone again while expecting a baby. This past June, Amari Mathew was born and has shed light again on the darkness their family experienced. Mathew will always be a part of them. A Christmas wish for her and her kids during this most difficult time of year would be a huge blessing.
Thank you KDWB.

We were so happy to grant this wish for Krystle & her family this holiday season! For the family, we got them a brand new couch, monogramed stockings, fresh towels, washclothes & hand towels.

12-year-old Kailey & 10-year-old Mariah, who are going to KDWB's Jingle Ball will recieve backstage passes to meet Why Don't We, we also got then new outfits to wear to the concert Monday! Kailey & Mariah will also recieve new hair brushes, face masks & over the ear sparkly headphones. We also got them new jackets, jeans, leggings, sweaters, shirts & hats.

For little Amari, a turn and learn driver, Leap Frog Delightful Day Book, elephant towel, sloth blanket and stuffed animal. A new blanket, diapers, baby cups, bath toys, plates & baby spoons. We also picked up some adorable outfits for Amari with jogger pants, bibs, pajamas & a jacket.

Finally, for Mom, Krystle, a new robe, sweaters, faux leather jacket, faux fur coat, long sleeve shirts and a hat & mittens. She'll also recieve a purse, wallet, highlight/bronzer makeup kit, makeup brushes, eyeshadow, makeup wipes, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, dry shampoo, lotion & coffee mugs!

Listen to Dave grant this Christmas Wish for Krystle Burke & Family!

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