Steve-O's Weekend in Five(ish) Pictures: Long Thanksgiving and First Snow

I'm not sure where to begin, we had one hell of a long Thanksgiving weekend that began with Olivia's new dog Louie's first snow. Kristy actually shoveled a path for him but he didn't care, he wanted to get into the deep stuff.

Thanksgiving was good. Fried the turkey, kids actually ate most of what we made (which isn't always the case) and the highlight for me was chasing Olivia around the house with the turkey neck.

Friday evening we went down to Loring Park for the opening night of Holidazzle and I got a picture with my twin, the Yeti. We walked around for about an hour, had some food, saw Santa, watched the fireworks and headed home before it started to snow.

Sunday morning I ended up doing a Facetime call with a Dave, Jenny and FALEN! Yes, Falen's maternity leave is over and she'll return to work on Monday. Fun fact, did you know that you can have 32 people on ONE Facetime conference call? Seriously, no joke! (as if this is the sort of thing you'd joke about)

Final picture is of Charlie. If you have a dog then you know this is a tough time of year because it's nearly impossible for them to go outside without bringing in clumps of snow.

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