Oprah's Fav Things Has It All from $878 Espresso Machine to $35 Hot Sauce

Oprah finally released her annual list of her Favorite THIIIIINNNGGGSSSS! As usual, there's plenty of stuff the average person can afford but Oprah's got OPRAH MONEY so of course some items are going to be out of most people's price range.

Something you may not be spending money on is the $878 espresso machine. . . the $195 lighted makeup mirror. . . the $108 "smart" dog collar complete with an activity monitor and GPS tracking . . . and the $1,599 exercise bike.

Then there's the hot sauce. The 6-ounce bottle of hot sauce. A 6-ounce bottle of hot sauce that costs $35. 

This is no ordinary hot sauce. It's called Truff, and it's made with ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, white truffle, and coriander and it's described as a "limited flavor experience." So pinkies out when you eat those wings, please.

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