Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Colorado and the Gophers Win!

I was in Colorado over the weekend so all of my pictures are from there. Let's get started!

First up, the Gopher game. I've loved this season and seeing the Gophers do so well. I didn't want to watch it alone so I went to a sports bar to watch it. And it was such a great game! And so cool to see the fans rush the field afterward! Most of them don't remember a game where the Gophers had a reason to rush the field! 9-0 baby!

Backyard of the Colorado house. The damn deer eat more birdfood than the birds. But they're nice to look at.

I grew up in Colorado about 45 minutes from a beautiful state park I'd never been to, so I went there Saturday. It's Castlewood Canyon State Park. I wouldn't rank it among the top attractions in Colorado but it was beautiful and it's not too crowded. NOTE: Don't make fun of my cheap sunglasses.

While I was hiking at the park, I found this rock. It's about the size of your hand and even though I knew it wouldn't look as beautiful and colorful as it did in real life, I still wanted a picture of it.

And finally, I had a few hours with nothing to do Sunday, so I purposely found and watched a Hallmark channel Christmas movie called, "The Christmas Cottage." It was just as bad and just as good as you would expect. Here's a screen shot of a very cliche' hot chocolate with a candy cane.

I hope you have a great week! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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