Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Life Rips, Chris D'Elia Netflix Special

It was so freaking cold this weekend, especially on Sunday, maybe because we're not used to it yet but I was hurting. My first picture from the weekend is from what I do EVERY Friday after the show, Warrior Sculpt, which is heated Yoga at Life Time.

Friday evening I ended up going to US Bank Stadium for the Minneapolis Holiday Boutique and was up early on Saturday for what ended up being a super busy day. We did EVERYTHING on Saturday, watched the AWESOME Gopher game (can't you believe MN is now ranked #7 in the college football rankings?!?!?!) I started the day with Isaac's first indoor soccer practice of the year.

After watching the game, Olivia had Nutcracker rehearsal and just like the mob just when I thought I was out THEY PULL ME BACK IN. I was informed by Kristy that I'm needed for the show once again so there goes an hour or so every Saturday for the next few weeks. (Not that I'm complaining but yes, I am complaining) Olivia's the one in light pink during rehearsal.

The big thing for our weekend was going to see one of my favorite comedians, Chris D'elia. He was in town taping his Netflix comedy special which comes out in 2020 so we ended up having to put our smart watches and phones in a locked bag.

The show was great and different then any stand up show I've been too before because it was less of a stand up show where he interacts with the audience and more of a performance/one man show and I liked most of it but I did feel that it wasn't the silly goose time I was hoping it would be but it still RIPPED!

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