Someone Was Stabbed for Cutting the Line to Get a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

It's just so incredibly sad that the Popeyes chicken sandwich phenomenon took THIS turn.

Popeyes' chicken sandwich came back to stores on Sunday, and people were lined up all over the country to get one.

Unfortunately, in Oxon Hill, Maryland, one of those lines turned TRAGIC. 

Apparently a 28-year-old man named Kevin Davis spent 15 minutes methodically cutting the line at a Popeyes on Monday night . . . and when he got to the counter, another guy confronted him.

A fight broke out, they took it outside . . . and during the fight, Kevin was fatally STABBED. He died later that night at the hospital.

The police have released photos of the guy who stabbed him, and they're trying to track him down. 

(NBC 4 - Washington D.C.

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