Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: The Real Housewives at our Halloween Party

I'm going to start my recap of the weekend with the most random moment of the weekend which is when Dave, Meatsauce from KFAN and I were hosting the Halloween party at The Living Room in the W Hotel and I noticed who I thought was Tamra from Real Housewives of Orange County. Okay, strange but it was dark, people are in costumes but then one of our promo assistants said, "There's more" and she was right! I told her to invite them to come over to join the costume contest (this was my lame way of getting them to stop over) and boom, it's Tamra, Vicky and Shannon from the Real Housewives of Orange County.

They posed for a picture and if you were wondering why they were there? That's even CRAZIER. Some guy paid for them to come to the Twin Cities to have dinner with his wife for her birthday present. NO CLUE what it costs but he covered everything and yes, each of the women's significant others was with them. The number of people that freaked out over the fact that they missed them, including my wife is HILARIOUS.

This picture was technically from last Thursday but I'm including it. Here's Olivia's costume for the Halloween party they had at her dance school and I think it's awesome.

Saturday was an awesome day so we spent the morning doing yard work and the children did what they do best? Undo everything that we've done.

We went to visit Dave at Barktober Fest with the dogs and Becker city park is beautiful, if you live in that area I hope you know how lucky you are. The park is amazing, it has these really cool ponds and bridges that are really really pretty. Here's a pic of Dave and I with our dogs at the even and OF COURSE my eyes are closed.

After Barktober we went back to Rogers to see Roger face Elk River in football, unfortunately Rogers lost BUT I LOVED that the student body was wearing hunter orange and hunting attire because it was ‘elk hunting season’. Lol. 

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