Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Best Kind of Birthday Present There Is!

Hope you had a good weekend! Here's my weekend in five pictures!

Last Thursday was my birthday, and if you know me, you know we always do our family birthday dinners at Benihana. But this time I wanted to change it up so we went downtown Minneapolis to The Melting Pot. It was fun, the conversation was great and the food was amazing! I barely missed the fact that no one threw shrimp in my mouth!

My daughter Allison got me this for my birthday. I just love it! Allison and I have loved seeing scary movies together since we saw "The Ring" years ago. She is just adorable.

Last year I went to Becker, MN to go to Barktoberfest. Two women drove all the way from Eagan to see me, which is over an hour's drive. I was so flattered anyone would drive that far to see me. And guess what? They came back again this year! I love these two! And I had such a great time meeting people their dogs. Thanks Becker for having me out!

It wasn't all dogs at Barktoberfest! This guy came to celebrate too!

And Saturday night, Steve-O and Meatsauce from KFAN and I judged the costume contest at The Living Room in the W Hotel. And three of the freaking Real Housewives showed up! I'm sure Steve has them on his blog. I don't watch the show so I just thought they were three attractive moms from Wayzata, but Steve was like nope, they're the real thing.

And here we are back to the work/school week! I hope you have a great one! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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