Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: The Perfect Fall Weekend and We Met a Sloth

The weekend started with a walk with Kate Raddatz and her new son. We took a walk around Lake Bde Maka ska and it was glorious outside.

Saturday was a family tradition that we’ve done since 2013, the PUMPKIN train.A train ride in Wisconsin to a pumpkin patch about 15 minutes away.The highlight this year happened after the train ride.

The first few years we went on the Pumpkin Train we’d stop and take a picture by the “Welcome to Minnesota” sign but then it disappeared. This year the sign was back and we got a picture of the kids with it so here are the kids in 2013 and now.

Sunday was another exciting day because we got to take a special tour of Seaquest at Rosedale Center. IT WAS AWESOME!Check out my Instagram for even more picture but here are two of my favorites.The first is of BLAZE the sloth that we got to feed and pet.

The second is we got to go swimming with sharks and Isaac and I got to feed the stingrays which are like puppies.It was so cool and the experience at Seaquest was awesome.

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