Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Are You in Picture 3?

I'm a summer person. I like it hot, sunny and sweaty. But weekends like we had this weekend in the fall? I'll take it!

Here's my weekend in Five Photos!

Friday, I rode my motorcycle out to Litchfield, Minnesota. Why Litchfield? I dunno. Cuz it was far without being too far. Plus it was along pretty country roads. On the way back, I stopped in Darwin, Minnesota to see the World's Largest Ball of Twine. I hadn't seen it since Allison was a little girl and it's always fun to see.

Saturday afternoon, Susan and my daughter Allison went to Deardorf's Apple Farm near Victoria. I love it there. They have a huge barn full of apples, pies, souveniers, etc. Outside they have pumpkins, food trucks a band and more. We just sat and chatted and people-watched and listened to the band. It was so great.

You might actually be in this picture! If you were at Sever's Fall Festival on Saturday around 4:15, your in there somewhere! This was taken by a couple that I took up flying after they won a flight in a charity auction.

Same flight. The sun on Lake Minnetonka. So beautiful. Thanks to Dan and Jenna for going up with me and for helping out Meals on Wheels.

My favorite thing I've bought for myself all year is my electric skateboard. It's so fun. I get about 15 miles out of a charge, and it climbs hills so all I have to do is ride and hold the remote. I was all over Chanhassen Saturday and took this picture along Hwy 5.

And that's it! I hope you had a great weekend! It's supposed to rain Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but after that, it looks like we might have more nice-ish weather. Like the Caribou cup says, "Resist the urge to stay indoors."

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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