Harvard Faculty Finds a MN City as the Best City to Avoid Climate Change

This may sound a bit crazy but buckle up and hear me out.

We all know climate change is a thing and some parts of the country seem to be impacted by its effect more then others. A faculty member at Harvard decided to take a moment to determine what US city will be best for avoiding the effects of climate change and the results may surprise you.

Jesse Kennan spent over 2,000 hours studying statistical and climate information and found DULUTH, MN to be the best!

Jesse told the the website Inverse,

“Duluth was a grand city of a new era, and it was over-designed and built for a much larger population than currently resides there,” Keenan tells Inverse. “It’s kind of a complete package, in many ways.”

He argues that sure, the place is cold now but as the world warms the city of Duluth which has a massive fresh water supply will be a destination. This along with quality schools, health care and the fact that it has a great infrastructure thanks to the fact that it was planned to be a major city which hasn't happened quite yet.

He spoke about it at the University of Minnesota.

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