27 Baby Names Parents Will Regret in a Few Years

I'm all for a unique baby name. We thought about naming Carson "Forest" or "Pike" but it just turned out it wasn't going to work. I love Falen's baby's name, "Olive."

But sometimes you hear a baby name and it's like "EEEEK!" You get the idea the parent is trying too hard to be elegant, but they're just not aware of the fact that it makes them look exactly the opposite. Sorry that sounds judgy but it's true, and don't act like you don't judge trashy baby names!

Like the name "Baby." Sounds cute, but one day "Baby" will be 34 and trying to get a job at Anderson Windows. Sorry, I'd pass by that resume' in a heartbeat.

Or Nevaeh. My daughter Beth did daycare and she said the girl named "Nevaeh" was the worst-behaved kid in the whole class. I mean BAD, like telling her "F**k you!" and "I don't have to listen to you!" I'm sure there are some nice and wonderful Nevaehs but she wasn't one of them!

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