Steve-O’s Wknd in Five Pics: It’s Jacket Season for Kristy

This was our last weekend of commitments. We’ve been tied to Isaac’s fall soccer every weekend for the last month and Saturday’s game was wet and cold.

Saturday night I was at Seventh street truck park for the Chainsmokers 5 Seconds of Summer pre-party and met a ton of great people. I’ve now totally forgotten their name but the guy in the middle is a huge fan of the show and they bought me a shot so I promised to use them in my weekend in five pics.

I also learned something while taking this picture that I never noticed and now I feel stupid. I never noticed on the KDWB ‘Minnesota AF’ sweatshirt the state of Minnesota in the middle of the A in Minnesota.

Final pictures, Louie hanging out on my lap and for all the fans of my wife Kristy here she is wearing one of her new fall jackets. I don't know why but each time I post a picture of her people always ask why she's always wearing a jacket or where did she get the jacket? The answer, she's always wearing a jacket because she's always cold and this jacket is from Target.


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