Woman Dances for Lion After Jumping into Enclosure at the Bronx Zoo


A bystander's Instagram videos show a woman who apparently climbed into the lion's exhibit at the Bronx Zoo and taunted the male animal as it looked on. The zoo said it received a report of the incident Saturday, and thankfully, there were no injuries. Sorry, but this woman has zero grasp on realty! A few minutes after this happened a lion was heard yelling, "This CHICK CRAY" In the video posted online over the weekend she steps through foliage to face the lion, which stares at her from across a moat as she waves. She holds her arms out at the animal and shakes her body. Other short clips from the same account and from a bystander’s Instagram show her wiggling her fingers, dancing and at one point telling the animal, “Baby! I love you!”



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