Did You Know There's a Minnesota Shaped Forest in Minnesota?

A few years ago someone was online looking at the land of 10,000 lakes on Google Maps when they noticed a patch of woods that looks EXACTLY like the state of Minnesota.

I had never heard of this but I guess a forest technician from the MN DNR did it back in the late 80's or early 90's but hasn't actually said much about it. Don't believe me? The forest is in WIlliams County, MN and you can see it on Google Maps right here.

The website Atlas Obscura even describes how the MN Forest Engineer created the state within the state.

Using nothing more than a compass and other analog measurement tools, he was able to map out the shape of Minnesota in the trees and cleared out the dying growth only in the shape of the state. Photos from 1991 show a Minnesota-shaped hole in the surrounding forest.

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