Minnesotan Judy Garland's Sad, Final Years (Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz)

Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose. River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. Elvis. Jim Morrison. Mac Miller. Prince. Anna Nicole Smith. The list goes on far too long.

But it's nothing new. I've known the story about Judy Garland and her drug addiction for years. This article came to me from Flipboard, which is an app that sends you articles every that you might be interested in. It's especially interesting because she's from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, which seems about as far from Hollywood and fame as you can get.

She had claimed that when she was young, directors and producers kept her up for days with pills, then put her to sleep with more pills. Some people say she made that up and maybe she did, but somewhere along the line, she became hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol.

I wonder sometimes why so many creative people die of drug overdoses? I of course, have no idea, but I think a lot of these people are really kind of fragile, even as they appear tough on the outside. I don't know though.

Check out this great, short article about Judy Garland.


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