4 Things Your Ex Might Do That Means They Regret Breaking Up With You

Stood Up

Sometimes relationships end and the person who ended things ends up regretting it. If your ex does these things, there's a good chance they think they screwed up:

  1. Comparing new dates to an ex
  2. Still reaching out to an ex
  3. Constantly talking about an ex
  4. Sending gifts or flowers

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Now my own personal opinion. Don't hold onto something just because your ex still texts you. Depending on your relationship, there's a good chance that person will miss you, but that doesn't necessarily mean they want to get back together. Also, some people don't know how to be alone so they keep you in their life for their own selfish reasons. Have I experienced this before? Yes. And while everyone is different, my advice is don't hold onto something that appears to be going no where. CAUSE YOU ARE A BOSS BITCH AND DESERVE HAPPINESS. That is all.

Image: Getty Images

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