Mom Isn't Messing Around, Makes Son's Friend Sign Contract Before Sleepover

Rules are good, they help teach kids the importance of limits but if you need to make a kid sign a contract before they're allowed to stay the night then you have bigger problems. Someone on Reddit posted a contract a mother wrote up for her son's friend that he must abide too before he would be allowed to stay the night. The mom demands that they agree not to touch, tickle, complain or get naked at her house during the sleepover. The contract states: “Touching/tickling of other people will result in immediate physical separation that could remain in place until pick up time.” (If that's a concern, why are you letting them have a sleepover)

....moving on....

See some of the sane and then some of the more insane rules below. The incentive to behave? The contracts states if they make the night without any problems they'll receive a special brunch but if they fall short of thehigh standards they may not be invited back for another sleepover.

See the entire Reddit post here.

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