A Bride Is Furious After Friend Steals Her “Dream” Dress

Imagine how a bride would feel after finding out that a friend basically stole their dream dress. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one bride on Reddit, and she certainly isn’t happy. 

The anonymous bride says she and a friend are both in the process of planning their weddings, with the friend getting married a few months before the poster. The writer shares that she recently showed the friend a picture of the “dream wedding dress” she had planned to purchase, which turned out to be a big mistake. 

“Low and behold, a couple weeks later she texts me a picture of her wearing the dress at a store, saying that she knows it’s my dream dress, but she loved it when she saw it and put it on and knew it was her dress,” the angry bride shared. “And she said she figured it’d be okay since I hadn’t even tried it on yet, but she KNEW I was planning on trying it on, KNEW it was my dream dress, and KNEW I was going to buy it.” 

The writer says the other bride is now asking she find a different dress, and as you can imagine the woman is fuming. She asked folks on Reddit whether she should buy her dream dress anyway, and many seem to be on her side.

“Get the dress! Even if there are a ton of mutual people at your weddings no one is going to notice unless they are days apart and even then I bet they wouldn’t notice,” one person notes. “Both of you are going to have different hair, makeup, jewelry, etc." Meanwhile another added, “Get your dream dress lovey.”

Others suggested that the woman first try on the dress, because she may not like it as much as she thinks once it’s on. “Try it on, but also try on others,” one person shared, adding, “If you are still in love with YOUR dress, and it truly is the one for you -- buy it!”

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