Tina's #iHeartFestival Weekend in Five-ish Photos 9/19 - 9/22

I went to Vegas this weekend & Vegas definitely won.

Send help.

Thursday 9/19 -

I headed out to Vegas a little early this year. I met up with my friends Drew & Alex & we did what all self respecting adults do at 2:30AM. Go to the 24-hour Taco Bell for boozy Baja Blasts.

Drew also took this DOPE video outside of T Mobile area at our iHeart photo stop.

Friday 9/20 -

Friday was the first official festival day! I spend the majority of the day laying in bed not socializing with anyone waiting for Raven to show up and it was AWESOME! I took a bath and watched like 6 episodes of Riverdale.

I did eventally get my life together & I put on these sweet pants. I did lose a hoop earing, but we're not talking about that part.

Saturday 9/21 -

Raven & I went to The Neon Museum to check out all the old & forgotten neon signs.

Then it was time to get ready for Night 2!! I LIVED for T Pain's surprise appearence & Lewis Capaldi joining Alicia Keys!!

After the show we headed to 1Oak for a Bryce Vine performance... classic.

Sunday 9/22 -

Sunday I rolled my not so fresh self out of bed & headed to the airport. I went through security with Kalen Allen from the Ellen Show. He was actually in Vegas for Ellen working the iHeart Festival. I figured since I didn't take a picture with a single person from the Bachelor/ette/Paradise, I should ask Kalen.

He was super sweet!

FINALLY (warning, possible gross photo below)

Everyone should know that Vegas is a contact sport & that being a girl/dressing up is physically hard & demanding.

If you don't believe me - I took this photo of my feet on Sunday when I got home. This is just my toes, not even the rest of my body. I also put a filter on it to try and make it less gross.


I present to you - "Beauty is Pain"

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